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Making Tech Simple for Entrepreneurs

Technology can be frustrating even when it is working properly, but when it has you so stressed out you can't even think, then you are probably not going to be able to get the work done even for platforms you already have the skills for. Join my group Making Tech Simple for awesome Holistic Tech Tips, I know that is not a word usually used in the tech space, so read on for more | click here to join

A holistic approach means knowing that you need to look at the whole vs the part and that is just as true in the tech you choose for your business as it is in the way you take care of yourself. Using the right tools is important in all aspects of being an entrepreneur whether it's the tech you choose to take care of your business or how you choose to take care of yourself because as an entrepreneur you are your business. If you are stressed from a platform you don't understand, or sore because you are sitting for hours at a time at your computer, or an array of things that to anyone else is a relatively small inconvenience can have a much bigger impact on you because you are the driving force behind your business.

When you are your best self it will put you at a leg up when working with technology and in the end, you’ll be serving your clients better too which will result in them getting better results and more referrals back to you!

What’s more frustrating than tech that doesn’t work? Tech that doesn’t work that you didn’t need to be using in the first place! I have clients all the time who are subscribed to an array of different tech platforms that overlap and do the same thing, or using 12 different platforms when they could use one that does multiple features. When you look at your business as what tools & features do you need as a whole and find the tools that will actually provide you the ability to install your rinse & repeat client process into to ensure you never miss a step along the client journey.

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