Getting out of your own way to overcome your fears

So I was talking to someone on my team and we were discussing getting out of your own way and getting out of your comfort When-Our-Comfort-Zone-Becomes-A-Danger-Zonezone for true growth both personally & professionally.  I shared this story with them and realized it would be a  great story to share with all of you.

As some of you may know I am not comfortable with guns, which is really odd considering I was in Army JROTC, & College level Law Enforcement classes in High School. Add in the fact that my husband Eric is a former Marine and really enjoys guns makes for a very interesting situation.

Valentines day 2013 I event went as far as to take a Concealed Carry Class with him. I was doing great, I even aced the paper tests! Then we got to the practical test in the range.   I didn’t even have the gun loaded and my anxiety started to rise. All I could think about was that if I screwed up, someone could get injured badly. I just couldn’t believe I was holding a weapon that could kill someone and it was scary.

Then the old lady next to me breaks out her purse cannon ( I don’t remember the type but it was MASSIVE!). My anxiety is getting the best of me and I had to do breathing exercises to calm myself down from a full blown anxiety attack. Somehow in the midst of all of that I passed the test and received a concealed carry permit.

So comfort yourself knowing that someone who is having an anxiety attack while taking their practical can still get the permit.

So while I was out in Colorado my friend had offered me to shoot some guns. I had been meaning to learn because. So I was open to spending more time with guns, but based on experience did not really have high expectations of myself.IMG_3231

I already told you all about how I had a hard time with the breathing so that right there didn’t help. I had been anxious about it since I had finished the tent. The panic was coming and I was going to look like an idiot. I went and grabbed my Balance & Serenity as I knew I had to find a way to calm & center. I had the headphones on while he was shooting and watched him shoot a rifle, shotgun, 38 revolver, & a 22. I was surprised that at the end of the shooting I actually felt a release, a sigh of relief, and this calm just wash over me.

I was not ready to shoot the guns but I wasn’t freaking out just being around them so that was a HUGE improvement from before. I was still not sure I was going to shoot the guns but then when my friends son recite gun safety and shot the 22 with his dad I knew I needed to get out of my head, and step out of my comfort zone and do this.

So when it was my turn I shot the 22. My friend helped loading the gun for me, which I appreciated immensely. It was so surreal, I felt like I was shooting a pop cap gun. I was so proud of myself that I did it.  I know the balance definitely helped me stay grounded through the whole experience.  It’s amazing what can happen when you step outside of your comfort zone.

The next morning it turns out the pass was not going to be open until 11 so we had to take up some time.  We ended up walkingIMG_3247 around some new trails and found some really beautiful streams and camp sites.  Since we had so much time, we decided to take out the guns again.  This time I even go to shoot the revolver & the shot gun!!  I am now proud to say that while I am not standing in line to play with guns, I am immensely more comfortable and look forward to some range time with my hubby when I get home :)


IMG_3257ps – the shotgun & revolver are both empty in this picture, it just seemed like a fun photo :)





The “Gift of the Earth” isn’t the only gift.

This month, when my order went through, I noticed the $25 annual renewal and a free bottle of peppermint oil with my order. That means another year has come past!

I’ve done this long enough that there are certain questions I know to expect about essential oils. They’re great questions, and they’re important questions. But they usually fall into a pretty narrow range. For perspective, I wanted to share the broader reality of what my membership in doTERRA and Totally Essential has actually done for me in the past year:

A Celebration of Community

1. I’m healthy.

I haven’t gotten sick in a year. Not even a cold. My allergies are gone. I literally went through my medicine cabinet and threw away just about everything. I still see doctors for routine care, but I’ve saved myself an enormous amount of time and discomfort. But physical wellness is that narrow focus people are always curious about. It’s the rest that I want to give voice to.

2. I understand my body more.

Learning about how different essential oils affect the body has made me understand my body better. I’ve learned about whole-body inflammation. I’ve learned about the four different types of stress, and why you can’t deal with them in the same ways. I’ve learned about aging and skin. I’ve learned about the myelin sheath. I’ve learned about the connection between emotional stability and gut flora. I understand myself better as a physical creature because I’m taking the time and effort to educate myself rather than rely on patented and marketed medications to make something happen for me. It has been worth the time investment.

Most of this learning came from attending free workshops that my colleagues researched and prepared for. I read some books, researched on Google Scholar, met with fascinating subject matter experts, and watched online videos, too. But a lot was just getting out and being there when learning was happening. It’s been a lot of fun!

3. My social circle is more rich.

Because I’m getting out to these free events, I’ve met so many people with different perspectives. We’ve all shared our knowledge and experiences with essential oils. Most of these people I never would have met otherwise, and they carry with them ideas that are drastically different than any I’ve encountered being the design entrepreneur I otherwise am. My eyes have been opened to so many different approaches to life by people who have amazed me in unexpected ways. They’ve changed me. I’m grateful.

4. My experiences are more rich.

I have been inspired. I have laughed. I have been brought to tears. I have shared affirmations with friends and new connections. I have touched decades of suffering in others, and gripped hands with people when we were both so overcome with hope. I have witnessed healing. I have experienced healing of types I did not believe in before. I have witnessed compassion, altruism, and wisdom–and it has made me more compassionate, altruistic, and wise. I have watched people building their dreams. I have watched a lot of doubt–I’ve felt doubt at times, too–only to see people stronger than me not give up. In their determination, they lifted me out of my doubt as well.

5. The income helped.

Let’s be practical. There was at least one time when I needed a little extra money only to find a surprise $400 direct deposit in my bank account for a set of commissions I didn’t even realize I earned. Thanks, doTERRA!

6. I take more leadership in creating the world I want. 

I no longer feel trapped by the circumstances I am in on a given day. Everyone has days when we experience pain, or anxiety, or cravings, or sadness, or lack of connection. In past years I would have accepted those things as my reality and just endured it until an external force changed it. Now I have fewer of those days, but when they come, I take action and change these things myself. The oils helped. The knowledge of how to use them and the influence of others helped even more. I’ve learned patience and fearlessness. I’ve learned better self-care. I’ve learned to trust myself. I’ve learned faith. I’ve learned how to better help others.

The value to me in life-qualities like this is extreme. It’s worth way more to me than just defeating a headache.

But here’s the question: Where did this gift come from? Is it, like doTERRA says of the oils, a “Gift of the Earth?” I don’t think it is. It’s something much greater, but it’s something overlooked:

In this organization, essential oils are not just a product. They are a basis of community. We gather in workshops, in coffee shops, in homes, at events, on this blog, over social media, and on the phone because we’re all searching for the same thing: We all want wellness–physical, emotional, and in many cases spiritual–and we each want it for all of us. Wellness is cooperative: We engage in learning together. We share our stories and our time. We take time to know and help each other. That’s the gift that doesn’t get talked about enough. In fact, the enormous, structured community that makes this gift possible is sometimes seen as a mere tool for selling oils. But the reality is that it’s designed to share knowledge and experiences for the sake of wellness. And that sharing has made a huge difference in my life.

Essential oils themselves may be a gift of the earth, but the rest is a gift of community. And I am so grateful for the chance to share this community with you.

_ _ _

On Saturday, September 27th, we are having a customer appreciation party in Fairfax, VA. Please come accept the benefit of being part of our community. Join us to celebrate all we share. See our calendar for details for this and other opportunities to connect. I hope to speak with you there.

Rocky Mountain High & its respiratory effects

So I went out to visit some friends out in Colorado and I’ve been here only 2 days and it’s been awesome.  My friend surprised metrees with a camping trip into the mountains with their kid.
When they say you get winded fast here and they talk about mile + ‘rocky mountain high’ they are not messing around! I had thought I was prepared staying hydrated and putting slim & sassy in my water but man, it’s hard in the Rockies being a ‘low-lander’
Everything seemed to be exhilarating, the sky brighter, the air fresher, trees taller, mountains bigger, water crisper.  It was really weird when I first got here.  Between the adrenaline of being on vacation and in the Mountains there was a real difference.   I gotta tell ya, it was like being a kid again, everything felt new all over :)
IMG_3247At the same time, Everything was harder.  Walking to the stream, everything.  I was not processing it well as I’ve been focused on my physical fitness and to get winded this easy was a slap in the face.  I didn’t even get through putting the tent up and I was ready to collapse!
I was talking with my buddy about it and it *finally* hit me : BREATHE! So I started using the breathe oil just in my hand, cupping, & breathing in. ding ding ding! We found a winner! So I kept that handy for our adventuring to help support proper respiratory function in the thin air.
Once I started using the breathe oil I found it much easier to go on a longer adventure walk with everyone.  It definitely is something I won’t forget when coming to Colorado!
How do you use breathe?Breathe_15ml
Want to get some for yourself click here and choose your consultant and you can buy right from their store.

The Dread Pirate Peppermints duel against the heat!

So this past weekend one of my best friends got married at the Maryland Renaissance Festival with a Pirate theme.  It was absolutely fantastic and it was absolutely blazingly hot!! On top of the heat, we were all in pirate costumes (corsets, dreColleen & Eric Piratessses, underdresses, boots, jewelry, THE WORKS!).  So of course like you do at Renn Faire or a wedding everyone was indulging in the meade & ale.  Thankfully there was a tent with coolers of water and some vendors had bottled water for sale but between the heat and rays of the sun water & shade were just not cutting it.  We were all sweating so bad our outfits were darkened with sweat.

That’s when I busted out the Peppermint, Breathe, & Peppermint Beadlets.  My mom was thoughtful enough to put some peppermint on the feet of the wee baby that was attending and I was putting it in my water and my neck, chest, in my hair, and the back of my knees.  It was SO helpful!  Granted plenty of laughs were had at my expense as those that were familiar with oils knew better than to put straight peppermint on my sweaty sensitive skin and I felt like I was covered in icicles LOL! So note to self: Next time put peppermint on wrists, and scalp where my hair is, and back of the neck to avoid the icy sensations!  I was overheated to the point that I was ok with it, but I wanted to make sure you were aware.  It really does feel like itty bitty teeny tiny icicle swords stabbing wherever you put the peppermint.  There was most definitely a duel between the heat & the peppermint and I was the battlegrounds!



peppermint beadlets

I felt an IMMEDIATE relief and started wondering how I let the heat get this far without using the peppermint in the first place.  I definitely moved the keychain of oils I had from the bottom of my bag t to right on my belt so I could have easy access to it the entire day.  There were very many grateful folks that I had the peppermint with me so that they could get some respite from the heat.



I was really glad we were able to help both ourselves as well as those that were around us in the crazy heat that we had.  We even were able to help some folks that were new to oils and are now interested in coming to a workshop to learn more! So always have your oils on and always be prepared to share from the heart and people will listen :)



I am pretty sure we all had a mild case of sun poisoning or heat exhaustion but we were able to manage it much better with the aid of the peppermint oils!  So glad we had out oils with us so we could all enjoy the day!


How does doTERRA help YOU stay cool in the summer heat?

September Promotions!

Juniper Berry






Immortelle Details

I <3 OnGuard in so many ways!



OnGuard Beadlets, OnGuard+ Softgels, & lets not forget the classic OnGuard Oil itself!


I have to tell you I was SO impressed with OnGuard the past few weeks!  I have always loved OnGuard, but since using the oils I have not *really* had the opportunity to test its true strength because I have been so well!  I am going to tell you a story of woe from myself, and a testimonial from a friend of mine where I ran over to play nurse (can’t have a sick buddy when on vacation this weekend!)


So the hubby & I came home from camping and I had a nice sinus infection and being the caring wife that I am, thought Eric would want some of my ick :) YAY A HOUSE FULL OF BLEGH! So I was using Clary Sage and Breathe and it was helping a lot.  I really had no idea what was going on as at the time I just thought my sinuses were clogged.  Well the 2nd day of not feeling well I went to the Doctors to get a legit diagnosis so I knew what I was fighting.   I went to the doctors and after sitting in a waiting room for 30 minutes I was led to another ‘waiting area’ for my blood pressure & weight.  After about 10 minutes of nonsense I was finally brought to my room to see the doctor in.  At this point it was already moving in on an hour at the doctors office surrounded by all sorts of sick people and I was getting anxious to get outta there!  Well, I was waiting for so long I ended up napping.  I was in the room for THIRTY MINUTES before the doctor came in.  He was in and out within 10 minutes.  I mean yes, its a sinus infection (which I am grateful to know) but the rush he was in followed by the minimal bedside manner just frustrated me.
Ok so now that I am done with my rant on the local GP lets get to the good stuff.  Why am I writing this blog today – OnGuard+ Softgels vs Traditional Antibiotics! My husband went the next morning and was diagnosed with a sinus infection as well.  However, he is not as diligent with his oils throughout the day so he opted for the antibiotics.  Our first real life comparison! (spoiler: I always win!)



Colleen:  I am taking two OnGuard+ Softgels in the morning, and using Breathe topically & both of them in the diffuser.  I also take 1 OnGuard+ Softgel every 1-3 hours.  I am feeling so much better by the end of the day.  I got some nose rockets going on, and a nasty cough, BUT I feel great.  No achey body, no headaches, just snot & cough – Not only can I handle that, but I am able to do my 2 miles with the dogs AND start back at the gym with a personal trainer! ( If you don’t know me, I am a BIG BABY when I am sick and I haven’t seen the inside of a gym in over a year)

Eric: He is taking his antibiotics as directed.  He feels like crap.  Achey, sore, exhausted, snot everywhere, coughing – I mean the full works.  He comes home from work, barely eats dinner and goes to bed without our TV time or anything!  I mean I feel bad for him but he made his choice!


Day 2

Colleen: So I am on the same regimen, and can’t believe how sick I felt the day before.  This is technically the 3rd day from the moment of feeling less than 100%.  When I get sinus infections I am usually out for the count for a week or two due to my chronic sinusitis.  I am beside myself that I feel so good so soon! I mean I knew it was good stuff but HOT DIGGITY DOG!!  The only thing left is a lingering cough.  No snots, nothing else, just a cough.

Eric: He is on the mend but very slow going.  He is not really feeling any better.


Day 3

Colleen: I’m walking on sunshineeee eyyy hey! Yup, I am right as rain and ready for a BNI Networking meeting today!  I was really pumped to share with them how I kicked my sinus infection in 3 days.  Random occasional cough ( like 5 times the whole day) but other than that 100%

Eric: He is functioning better.  Still feels crummy, but not totally exhausted 100% of the time.  Body ache & headache has lessened.  Still snotty and coughing all over.


Day 4

Colleen: Well, I am kicked butt at the gym and my 2 miles with the dogs.  Cleaned up about the house a bit.  Got some work done.  Yeah, not sure what else to say here – I was totally back to normal

Eric: Energy is returning, headache is gone, Body ache is lingering.  Still snotty & coughing all over.


Day 5

Colleen: Hung out with my nieces today.  It was gorgeous outside. Yeah, I <3 OnGuard.

Eric: Energy is back, Ache is gone, still snotty & coughing.


Day 6

Colleen: Yeah, I am already better dude.

Eric: Much much better!  Not 100% but darn close


Day 7

Colleen: Still good over here

Eric: Finally cleared everything out! YAY He isn’t sick anymore!



Morale of the story?  OnGuard is great but OnGuard+ soft gels are AAHHHHMAZING!


On Guard Plus (1)

Sidenote & Testimonial.  I am going to Dragon*Con this weekend, well I am leaving in a few minutes actually.  My friend who was coming with was not feeling well.  She had ran out of OnGuard so me being awesome went on over to help her feel better.  I brought her OnGuard & OnGuard+ Sofgels (because they were made by Unicorns & Leopluradons – google it, you’ll thank me later!).  The next morning she messaged me telling me she felt like she normally would have 5 days from then! so YAY No sick people in the car for 12 hours!!
*dance party*


Sooo yeah – OnGuard+ Softgels: If you don’t have them, get them. This is a household staple.

When an Oil Speaks to You

It’s a fascinating moment when someone peruses my collection of oils and delicately pauses a little too long over one that has stood out to them. “What does this one do?” That’s always the question. Easy to ask, but not always easy to answer.

lotus diffuser

A diffuser is the best way to use essential oils for mood management and emotional effects.

There are a lot of scientific reports on how oils affect our physical systems. Open a Modern Essentials book and many of the pages have those tiny little footnotes listing out study after study. What’s harder to get an angle on is the emotional effect of oils. And the little question that’s so big — “What does this one do?” — a lot of the time it’s tricky to answer because the person in front of me is asking it for an emotional reason, not a physical one.

Let’s take me for an example. What’s speaking to me strongly this past month is this blend in my diffuser:
2 drops Cedarwood
2 drops Myrrh
1 drop Lime

It’s a nice blend. To me it smells like potting soil and lemongrass. That’s a good smell, but not a good enough smell that I should be so crazy for it.

One of many possible explanations for why I’m craving this blend so much, if we only look at the physical level, is that I have a bacteriological infection, tuberculosis, and dysentery that I don’t know about. I am so healthy that I practically glow like a firefly every day, so I’m pretty sure this would not be a correct guess.

But move to an emotional perspective and a (thankfully) different message comes out: Lime relates to zest for life. Myrrh is about healthy maternal connection. Cedarwood is community. The message? On some level I’m actively and enthusiastically defining my home as a place for family (with me as the center), friends, and enjoyment of life.

Oh, that’s way better that a repugnant health decline!

I think my message in writing this to you (other than to share a blend I can’t get enough of) is to tell you to trust yourself. There are resources for understanding the emotional effects of oils. Most popular among those I know is the spiral-bound volume called Emotions & Essential Oils. But such books are built out of experience and intuition, not out of double-blind studies, as we don’t have a good way of scientifically distinguishing a sense of community from a sense of maternal connection.

Those guides are a great starting point, but the ending point is in you. It’s your intuition. And I think it’s important to follow that. When an oil speaks to you, it can be a message to yourself about what you need and what you’re aiming for in life in that moment. It’s good information. And it’s valuable to support yourself emotionally through whatever you are facing.

I’m wishing you the best in your self-discovery, and would love to hear what oils are speaking to you these days.

Cooking with Wild Orange Essential Oil

DōTERRA’s Wild Orange Essential Oil (Citrus sinensis) has always been a dōTERRA favorite due to its wonderful citrusy aroma and its ability to uplift mood, but it is also great when added to foods and liquids as a natural flavoring. Our wild orange essential oil is cold pressed from orange peel. Orange essential oil can be added as a flavoring to smoothies, dessert recipes such as orange rolls, frosting, or ice cream, sauces like salad dressing or orange chicken. Wild orange essential oil can be substituted in any recipe that calls for orange juice or orange extract. Simply substitute one drop of wild orange essential oil for one teaspoon orange extract or orange juice. Enjoy all the benefits of wild orange essential oil plus the great taste in the following summer recipe:
Orange Peach Smoothie
• 3 ripe peaches peeled and pitted
• 1 cup plain yogurt
• 1 T Honey
• 4 ice cubes
• 1-2 drops Wild Orange Essential Oil
Mix in blender and enjoy!


LRP – What is it & How does it benefit me?

I get asked all the time about the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP for short).  Some people are uncertain of committing to a monthly order, others don’t understand why they should use it if they aren’t sharing to earn commissions.  Below is a great intro video as well as a sheet that gives you examples of some everyday use items that you can purchase from doTERRA to detoxify your home and simplify your day-to-day shopping.  Wouldn’t it be nice if your laundry soap, shampoo, & conditioner just arrived at your home?  No more running to the store for “just one thing” and coming home with a shopping cart full of stuff you didn’t intend on buying?  Well with doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program not only can you do that but you can earn tons of free products whenever you buy anything!

If you aren’t sure if you could *really* buy something from doTERRA each month, check out this great sheet we’ve made which gives you some ideas on how you can use doTERRA products by simply redirecting your spending!

Redirect Your SpendingHere is a link to the LRP program direct from doTERRA

doTERRA Mexico is LIVE!



For those of you who have contacts in Mexico, it is now available to build a team there!  You can enroll as a wellness advocate, have products shipped to your home, and have commissions paid in local currency!
Click here for more information!