So I have started this amazing fitness & lifestyle competition.  It lasts 90 days and it is all about doing it as a team. This has been the best decision I have ever made and I am feeling amazing just a week in.  Look for more blogs coming soon!  I plan on being a TERRAFit coach for the next session so join my team for success!! www.terrafit.com


This is an excerpt from the brilliant Allyse Sedivy who created TERRAFit so you can get an idea of what this is about



Our Story

Are you ready for a total body transformation?

Two years ago I found myself voluntarily pouring all my energy into everything around me; my family, my business, and significant relationships. I didn’t think I had time to take good care of my body. Slowly that consistent neglect showed up in results such as weight gain, decreased muscle definition, and lower energy; an overall exhaustion seemed to take over. My clothes weren’t fitting like they used to. I didn’t feel good.

I started working out with personal trainer, Jon Chase, to a hybrid cross-training program that I loved. Together we started tweaking the program, not only to bring maximum results and fun, but also provide an element that no other fitness program has – Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils that help bring better results. The specific oils we use in this program help with metabolic function, better insulin response, energy, and help decrease toxicity. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Our revolutionary 4×4 Interval System is specifically designed to give you maximum calorie-burning workouts while simultaneously building cardiovascular capacity and muscle tone. The timing and sequence of our 4×4 Interval System will help you continue to burn calories at a faster rate throughout the day.

Take some time to read through the Workout Guide so you can plan to incorporate all the elements of an overall fitness and health program. Commit yourself to the training schedule and pay attention to what food and nutrition you bring into your body. Make sure you’re equipped with the tools you need to start so that nothing holds you back!

I am so excited to share this program that has brought such phenomenal results. I am looking forward to hearing your success story in the next 90 days. Remember that if there is any goal you want to achieve in your life; whether it is health, business, financial, or relationship-oriented, caring for your body adds an element of dynamic fuel that brings positive energy to all your other endeavors. This is just the first step in creating the life you’ve always wanted – and what a fun way to start!

To the Journey,

Allyse Sedivy



Goddard top 10 & Natural Solutions Class In A Box!

So you have all heard about the doTERRA Class in a Box.  Well the Goddards being awesome as they are have pulled together a Natural Solutions Class in a Box.  Below is a video showing Natalie & Andy’s top 10 things from convention, but if you skip to 7:00 Natalie will be going over the Natural Solutions Class in a Box.  This is a great tool, that will simplify the teaching.  Yes, doTERRA has a regular Class in a Box using their Living, Sharing, Building sheets, but this has the Goddards touch added as well as a class tear sheet & sample vials.  Take a watch, & Happy Oiling folks!



I would love for you to join my team! I am running a special promotion this month with freebies for you no matter whether you want to try a little, be a regular customer, or build lasting residual income with me :)  Check here for details



You can check out more about doTERRA & the oils at www.mydoterra.com/totallyessential

Elevate & Invigorate Yourself in October!

october enrollment promotion


I am running my first enrollment promotion! With Autumn being here, these are my favorite two oils to use and I want to give them to YOU for FREE!  I am looking for people who want to take charge of their personal wellness.  Wether you want to be a regular customer or build lasting residual income, I have got goodies for you :)

October Promotions! (click image for details!)

october enrollment promotion367c4cb91bf2dae5dcdede186286d87a88fda93e_1411402053f545eb81ca017338d25088ff9056b2b207d5222e_1410908452c7ac1163da9ba2ec3a8736c15cff36cd6d2d5a8c_1411754847enroll in life copy

2014 Aspire Convention Announcements

It’s doTERRA’s convention time in Utah and there is just so much education and amazing product announcements!  I love my doTERRA products and being able heal my family without using over the counter medication.

My facebook is going crazy right now with everyone posting pictures and information about the new products being released today!!!!

There are two new oils “Cardamom” and “Aborvitae“, two new skin care lines, the new Petal DiffusserOn Guard toothpaste samples (we love this toothpaste), Correct X (an essential skin ointment), Terra Greens (A Fruit & Vegetable Supplemental Mix)  a new formula of Breathe Essential Oil blend is being released (it now contains Cardamom) and the new convenient Breathe Respiratory Drops.

Here’s a picture of the products along with a link for detailed information.


New Breathe Collection

new skin care

This is a GREAT time to join doTERRA! There is new limited time program called “The Share Program” this is great opportunity for all new Wellness Advocates to receive valuable gift packages by sharing dōTERRA with others. New advocates who love dōTERRA and want to receive free product can participate. For a limited time—starting September 22, 2014—dōTERRA will be opening the Share Program to all Wellness Advocates so they can experience the program and share it with those they enroll.

This program will help you share your oils with your friends and family so that they can also benefit from these amazing oils.



Customer Appreciation Party

customer appreciation party


Come join us on Saturday to learn about all the new goodies, enjoy a raffle, food, & fun all with essential oils.  Click on the above image to be taken to the event info page.



Class in a Box Kit

So we’ve all been there in the beginning.  You want to share these amazing oils with those you love, but you don’t know what to say or how to explain it.  Well, the doTERRA leadership is aware and have stepped up to the plate with a solution for you.  With the Class in Box Kit, you just hit play and you & your friends can watch a DVD to learn about these amazing essential oils and the business opportunity.  Get your kit today and start sharing :)


This will be available by the end of the month and I know I will be getting these!



class in a box

Getting out of your own way to overcome your fears

So I was talking to someone on my team and we were discussing getting out of your own way and getting out of your comfort When-Our-Comfort-Zone-Becomes-A-Danger-Zonezone for true growth both personally & professionally.  I shared this story with them and realized it would be a  great story to share with all of you.

As some of you may know I am not comfortable with guns, which is really odd considering I was in Army JROTC, & College level Law Enforcement classes in High School. Add in the fact that my husband Eric is a former Marine and really enjoys guns makes for a very interesting situation.

Valentines day 2013 I event went as far as to take a Concealed Carry Class with him. I was doing great, I even aced the paper tests! Then we got to the practical test in the range.   I didn’t even have the gun loaded and my anxiety started to rise. All I could think about was that if I screwed up, someone could get injured badly. I just couldn’t believe I was holding a weapon that could kill someone and it was scary.

Then the old lady next to me breaks out her purse cannon ( I don’t remember the type but it was MASSIVE!). My anxiety is getting the best of me and I had to do breathing exercises to calm myself down from a full blown anxiety attack. Somehow in the midst of all of that I passed the test and received a concealed carry permit.

So comfort yourself knowing that someone who is having an anxiety attack while taking their practical can still get the permit.

So while I was out in Colorado my friend had offered me to shoot some guns. I had been meaning to learn because. So I was open to spending more time with guns, but based on experience did not really have high expectations of myself.IMG_3231

I already told you all about how I had a hard time with the breathing so that right there didn’t help. I had been anxious about it since I had finished the tent. The panic was coming and I was going to look like an idiot. I went and grabbed my Balance & Serenity as I knew I had to find a way to calm & center. I had the headphones on while he was shooting and watched him shoot a rifle, shotgun, 38 revolver, & a 22. I was surprised that at the end of the shooting I actually felt a release, a sigh of relief, and this calm just wash over me.

I was not ready to shoot the guns but I wasn’t freaking out just being around them so that was a HUGE improvement from before. I was still not sure I was going to shoot the guns but then when my friends son recite gun safety and shot the 22 with his dad I knew I needed to get out of my head, and step out of my comfort zone and do this.

So when it was my turn I shot the 22. My friend helped loading the gun for me, which I appreciated immensely. It was so surreal, I felt like I was shooting a pop cap gun. I was so proud of myself that I did it.  I know the balance definitely helped me stay grounded through the whole experience.  It’s amazing what can happen when you step outside of your comfort zone.

The next morning it turns out the pass was not going to be open until 11 so we had to take up some time.  We ended up walkingIMG_3247 around some new trails and found some really beautiful streams and camp sites.  Since we had so much time, we decided to take out the guns again.  This time I even go to shoot the revolver & the shot gun!!  I am now proud to say that while I am not standing in line to play with guns, I am immensely more comfortable and look forward to some range time with my hubby when I get home :)


IMG_3257ps – the shotgun & revolver are both empty in this picture, it just seemed like a fun photo :)





The “Gift of the Earth” isn’t the only gift.

This month, when my order went through, I noticed the $25 annual renewal and a free bottle of peppermint oil with my order. That means another year has come past!

I’ve done this long enough that there are certain questions I know to expect about essential oils. They’re great questions, and they’re important questions. But they usually fall into a pretty narrow range. For perspective, I wanted to share the broader reality of what my membership in doTERRA and Totally Essential has actually done for me in the past year:

A Celebration of Community

1. I’m healthy.

I haven’t gotten sick in a year. Not even a cold. My allergies are gone. I literally went through my medicine cabinet and threw away just about everything. I still see doctors for routine care, but I’ve saved myself an enormous amount of time and discomfort. But physical wellness is that narrow focus people are always curious about. It’s the rest that I want to give voice to.

2. I understand my body more.

Learning about how different essential oils affect the body has made me understand my body better. I’ve learned about whole-body inflammation. I’ve learned about the four different types of stress, and why you can’t deal with them in the same ways. I’ve learned about aging and skin. I’ve learned about the myelin sheath. I’ve learned about the connection between emotional stability and gut flora. I understand myself better as a physical creature because I’m taking the time and effort to educate myself rather than rely on patented and marketed medications to make something happen for me. It has been worth the time investment.

Most of this learning came from attending free workshops that my colleagues researched and prepared for. I read some books, researched on Google Scholar, met with fascinating subject matter experts, and watched online videos, too. But a lot was just getting out and being there when learning was happening. It’s been a lot of fun!

3. My social circle is more rich.

Because I’m getting out to these free events, I’ve met so many people with different perspectives. We’ve all shared our knowledge and experiences with essential oils. Most of these people I never would have met otherwise, and they carry with them ideas that are drastically different than any I’ve encountered being the design entrepreneur I otherwise am. My eyes have been opened to so many different approaches to life by people who have amazed me in unexpected ways. They’ve changed me. I’m grateful.

4. My experiences are more rich.

I have been inspired. I have laughed. I have been brought to tears. I have shared affirmations with friends and new connections. I have touched decades of suffering in others, and gripped hands with people when we were both so overcome with hope. I have witnessed healing. I have experienced healing of types I did not believe in before. I have witnessed compassion, altruism, and wisdom–and it has made me more compassionate, altruistic, and wise. I have watched people building their dreams. I have watched a lot of doubt–I’ve felt doubt at times, too–only to see people stronger than me not give up. In their determination, they lifted me out of my doubt as well.

5. The income helped.

Let’s be practical. There was at least one time when I needed a little extra money only to find a surprise $400 direct deposit in my bank account for a set of commissions I didn’t even realize I earned. Thanks, doTERRA!

6. I take more leadership in creating the world I want. 

I no longer feel trapped by the circumstances I am in on a given day. Everyone has days when we experience pain, or anxiety, or cravings, or sadness, or lack of connection. In past years I would have accepted those things as my reality and just endured it until an external force changed it. Now I have fewer of those days, but when they come, I take action and change these things myself. The oils helped. The knowledge of how to use them and the influence of others helped even more. I’ve learned patience and fearlessness. I’ve learned better self-care. I’ve learned to trust myself. I’ve learned faith. I’ve learned how to better help others.

The value to me in life-qualities like this is extreme. It’s worth way more to me than just defeating a headache.

But here’s the question: Where did this gift come from? Is it, like doTERRA says of the oils, a “Gift of the Earth?” I don’t think it is. It’s something much greater, but it’s something overlooked:

In this organization, essential oils are not just a product. They are a basis of community. We gather in workshops, in coffee shops, in homes, at events, on this blog, over social media, and on the phone because we’re all searching for the same thing: We all want wellness–physical, emotional, and in many cases spiritual–and we each want it for all of us. Wellness is cooperative: We engage in learning together. We share our stories and our time. We take time to know and help each other. That’s the gift that doesn’t get talked about enough. In fact, the enormous, structured community that makes this gift possible is sometimes seen as a mere tool for selling oils. But the reality is that it’s designed to share knowledge and experiences for the sake of wellness. And that sharing has made a huge difference in my life.

Essential oils themselves may be a gift of the earth, but the rest is a gift of community. And I am so grateful for the chance to share this community with you.

_ _ _

On Saturday, September 27th, we are having a customer appreciation party in Fairfax, VA. Please come accept the benefit of being part of our community. Join us to celebrate all we share. See our calendar for details for this and other opportunities to connect. I hope to speak with you there.

Rocky Mountain High & its respiratory effects

So I went out to visit some friends out in Colorado and I’ve been here only 2 days and it’s been awesome.  My friend surprised metrees with a camping trip into the mountains with their kid.
When they say you get winded fast here and they talk about mile + ‘rocky mountain high’ they are not messing around! I had thought I was prepared staying hydrated and putting slim & sassy in my water but man, it’s hard in the Rockies being a ‘low-lander’
Everything seemed to be exhilarating, the sky brighter, the air fresher, trees taller, mountains bigger, water crisper.  It was really weird when I first got here.  Between the adrenaline of being on vacation and in the Mountains there was a real difference.   I gotta tell ya, it was like being a kid again, everything felt new all over :)
IMG_3247At the same time, Everything was harder.  Walking to the stream, everything.  I was not processing it well as I’ve been focused on my physical fitness and to get winded this easy was a slap in the face.  I didn’t even get through putting the tent up and I was ready to collapse!
I was talking with my buddy about it and it *finally* hit me : BREATHE! So I started using the breathe oil just in my hand, cupping, & breathing in. ding ding ding! We found a winner! So I kept that handy for our adventuring to help support proper respiratory function in the thin air.
Once I started using the breathe oil I found it much easier to go on a longer adventure walk with everyone.  It definitely is something I won’t forget when coming to Colorado!
How do you use breathe?Breathe_15ml
Want to get some for yourself click here and choose your consultant and you can buy right from their store.