Team Acknowledgements


Together, we move mountains!

We help people with their health and we show them the way to optimal wellness with nature’s medicines.  To me, there is no better cause to get behind than to empower people with natural solutions to their health and to help them reach their fullest potential in life.

It’s really hard NOT to share things with people in our lives that we know will help them feel better emotionally and physically.  Simply put, sharing good things is in our human nature.  Most of us started using essential oils  purchasing them at the wholesale discount and then it naturally followed that we started putting them on and around our loved ones to help them feel better.  At a certain point, some of decide they want to build a pipeline for their future by working with our team and growing their own businesses.  We are so lucky that all of you have chosen to be a part of our winning team!

You see, the products that our company offers are amazing and we would buy them even if there wasn’t a business opportunity attached.  Plus, we get to be part of the trillion dollar (and growing exponentially) health care industry! This is one of the top 5 fastest growing industries because it impacts every single man, woman, and child on the planet!


Over the last few years, our team of amazing leaders has grown fast and we’re now in the top 20% of the company.  I can’t thank all of the amazing folks on our team enough who are out there sharing the gift of health with others on a daily basis!  Thank you for your commitment to helping others reach their fullest potential in life – emotionally, physically, and financially!

We want to acknowledge our fabulous team mates who are out there regularly getting together with people to share the gift of health & the knowledge of natural solutions.  You are empowering people to take control of their health, helping them get the tools they can use to keep their families happy, calm, and healthy (essential oils), and that is a worthy and very important cause!


Each month, we want to recognize the top enrollers for the month.  What does this mean?  To be an ‘enroller’ means that they are helping people to become wholesale members with our company so that those people can purchase their products at a reduced price.  Ultimately, what this means is they guide people towards enrolling in a lifestyle of prevention and optimal health with essential oils, and they commit to be that person’s natural wellness support system for the long haul.

Ruthann Pisaretz, Stacia Stautberg, Kristen Spector, & Vanessa Purnell tied for first place with 1 enrollment each! Colleen McCartney came in second with 4 enrollments.


To move up in rank means much more than simply increasing income with a wellness business.  Moving up in rank means you are sharing the wellness lifestyle with others AND you are leading folks on the path toward building their own pipeline for the future with their own natural wellness business.  This takes devotion and seeing the potential in others even if they are still working on seeing it in themselves.  It takes commitment to becoming a business and life coach and making sure folks are getting the support they need not only on their wellness journey, but on their business venture too.


Don’t forget to get your events to Colleen so that you can offer the Diamond Club incentives each month!