Dill & Basil Essential oil Veggie Dip of Amazingness

EO Veggie dip

If you are new to cooking with oils try to get the smaller number of drops in as the oils have different viscosities so more can come out of the bottle than you intend.  The larger number of drops are the max that it would be appetizing at.  If you accidentally put more drops in, you can compensate by adding more greek yogurt & sour cream and inviting friends over to eat it all!! If you have extra or make a large batch, the extra should stay good for about a week in an airtight container. Enjoy!!

8oz Sour Cream

8oz Greek Yogurt (you can do all greek yogurt if you want)

1tsp Celery Salt

1 Onion diced

1-2 drops Basil

3-5 drops Dill

2-4 drops Lemon

1-3 drops Black pepper


Other than dicing the onion its super simple, toss into a bowl and mix it up! Make sure to mix the oils thoroughly.



Add celery flakes, oregano, or parsley flakes for coloring.


  1. I tasted this veggie dip at an event you made it for months ago. Absolutely LOVED it!! You would be the most awesomest person ever even if your whole value was based on this dip. Lol!

    • Colleen McCartney says:

      LOL! Thank you so much! I gotta tell you, I’ve tried some complex and crazy creative recipes, but this SUPER simple recipe is the one everyone remembers and wants! I am so glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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